Donaldson TORIT manufacturers
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12-07-2017, 02:19 AM

The KLJ air filter paper have a good quality, which can ensure that sufficient clean air enters into the motor and proceeds reasonable air fuel ratio, and con-sequent reduce oil consumption and ensure great power of the motor. Our air–conditioning filters, commonly as cabin filter, is to prevent destruction of such substances into the air–conditioning system, provide the officers a good air environment and protect their health. Our fuel oil filter adopt the imported gasoline-exclusive waterproof filter paper, which can both prevent the corrosion of the fuel oil injection system caused by incrustation, steam and dirt and ensure the supply of gasoline for the motor, it can effectively prevent the fuel oil ejection system from being abraded too early. And has high filtration efficiency and long lifespan. The KLJ oil filter of high quality can effectively filter the pollutants, metal abrasives etc, thus greatly extends the lifespan of the motor. The KLJ power core air filter is very famous in the world, which has won a large market in the world.
In a word, because we are getting good reputation from market, keeping growing is our priority.Donaldson TORIT manufacturers


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