Lunatic Rave 2 – Gameplay

First of all you would need to start LR2(Lunatic Rave2)  and you should be at the main screen.
Green folders represent the Insane scale difficulty song folders.
Blue folders are the rival folders. They have all the information about your rival’s plays on songs you played.
Light blue folders are the custom song folders. (They are the folders you imported onto jukebox 1 tab earlier)
You can play the songs at the top by title, clears, playstyles (number of keys), or difficulty.
If you go to any song… you should get something like this.
The bottom right is your score on that song. That’s also the place where you can see your clear status.
Help is written in Japanese. Replay is when you want to see your replay of your play and autoplay is self-explanatory.
In the search bar, you can search for songs.


Now click play options.
- Random is where you can change the arrangement of the notes.
        Mirror – Mirrors the notes vertically.
        Random – Changes the columns.
        S-Random – All notes are assigned to a different key randomly on a per note basis. The scratch lane is unaffected.
        Scatter – Changes the notes but you don’t get any jacks; Equivalent to H-Random mode in IIDX (score and clear status are both not saved, but counts as easy clear.)
        Converge – Puts the notes into the scratch column (score and clear status are both not saved.)
- Gauge we talked about in the clear status but there are some few extra ones.
        DEATH – If you get a combo breaker, you fail instantly. Use this if you want to get a FULL COMBO. Equivalent to Hazard mode in IIDX.
        G-Attack – You are trying to get GOOD’s this time not PGREATS like P-Attack.
For assist, set to OFF. If you put AUTOSCR on, you don’t have to hit the scratches but score won’t save.
For effects, you can set to off, hidden, sudden, or both. Hidden is when the bottom of the lane is hidden while sudden it the top part of the lane being hidden.
For playstyle, set to Single. Battle should be OFF. HI-SPD is where you adjust the speed of the song. (you dont need to use this since you can change speed during plays) Target is the main target you wish to beat while playing. Mine’s just set at My Best. Set DP FLIP to off. If you’re playing 14k, it just flips the two 8k lanes. For HS-FIX, set it to OFF.

System Options

Ghost Position: This is the little + or – number you get while playing. This number represents the number of points away from your target. + if you’re above and – for below.
Score Graph: You get a score graph with your target score, best score, and your current score while playing.
Default Target: This is the default target if you didn’t set your target to anything.
BGA: If you want Background Animation, such as song movies etc… while playing…
BGA Size: If you want big BGA or normal BGA.
Judge Timing: This is the offset for note hitting, do not worry about this until you are at a higher level.
Judge Auto Adjust: Your offset is adjusted automatically for you depending on when you hit the notes most of the time. Again don’t worry about this until you are at a higher level.
Lane Cover: If you want the top portion of the lane hidden. You can change how much you want hidden in-game.
Screen Mode: Self-explanatory.
Replay: Sets which type of replays you want to save.
Score status is your score status (…) on a song. Tag-editor is where you can change the song information (but I don’t use this..) Effects is self-explanatory. Player status is your whole status. It has your total plays, judge counts… etc
Now go play a song!
This is what should look like.
Everything is really self-explanatory.
There’s a nice option to remove all the gears. If you press 5 and up, you go into dark option. Basically everything is dark and everything’s not an eyesore. This is what it should sort of look like.
After playing a song, you get a result screen like this:
If you want to re-play a song with the same random you just played, hold your 2 left most keys until you’re be back on the play screen with the same random.
This guide is written by Hazelnut
Edited by Jin