Lunatic Rave 2 – Song Clear Status + Levels Explained

written by Entozer and Hazelnut


In LR2 there are various clear status. They are ★FULL COMBO, FULL COMBO, HARD CLEAR, CLEAR, EASY CLEAR, FAIL. LR2 always records your highest achievements in clear and score, even if you got them in different plays. For example, if you hard clear a song, your clear status on the song becomes HARD CLEAR. However, if you hard cleared a song already but passed it again with an EASY CLEAR, your clear status is still HARD CLEAR. If you cleared a song but got a full combo, your clear status becomes FULL COMBO. (You don’t need to beat your high score to get a better clear status. If you FULL COMBO-ED a song with terrible accuracy, the clear status still goes from CLEAR to FULL COMBO) Your highest score is best play no matter what gauge you play the song on.


This is the level of the different clear status
FAIL = Failing a song using any gauge.
EASY CLEAR = Clearing a song using EASY gauge. You need 80% health at the end to pass. (your health may deplete anywhere in the song but all you need is 80% at the end). You start with 20% gauge.
CLEAR = Clearing a song with GROOVE gauge. Exactly the same as EASY CLEAR except the gauge is harsher.
HARD CLEAR = Clearing a song using SURVIVAL gauge. If you health depletes anywhere during a song, you fail instantly. Gauge is harsher than both easy and regular clear gauge. You start with full health.
FULL COMBO = Finishing a song with full combo. You can play on any gauge (except P-ATTACK) as long as you get a full combo.
FULL COMBO = Playing using the P-ATTACK option. With this option on, you can’t have any GOOD, BAD, or POORs. Your health also goes down if you get few GREATS so your accuracy must be somehow decent.


Unlike other games, LR2 highly focuses on accuracy. This is how scores are calculated
EXSCORE = Number of PGREATs x2 + Number of GREATS (notice how number of misses have no effect on the score.)


Percentage is taken from your score divided by the total score.
88.89% and above = AAA
77.78% ~ 88.88% = AA
66.67% ~ 77.77% = A
55.56% ~ 66.66% = B
44.44% ~ 55.55% = C
33.33% ~ 44.44% = D
22.22% ~ 33.33% = E
Below 22.22% is F


There are various level systems in LR2. Here’s the list.
☆ = Normal scale. Ranges from level 1 to 12. Think of it as the IIDX rating system.
★ = Insane scale. ☆12 is roughly ★1. Ranges from ★1 ~ ★25. This is the main scale on LR2.
★★ = Overjoy scales. ★★1 is roughly ★21. These are ridiculously difficult charts so I highly suggest you stay away from these if you’re just starting out. Ranges from ★★1 ~ ★★7. ★★7s are impossible to play.
▽ = Normal no.2 scale. The level system is almost identical to ☆ scale but it’s a completely separate scale. There are some overlaps with ☆ scale songs.
▼ = Insane no.2 scale. The level system is almost identical to ★ scale but it’s a completely separate scale. There are some overlaps with ★ scale songs.
◆ = LN scale. Ranges from ◆1 ~ ◆26.
♪  = MN scale. MN is a popular LR2 player and all the songs in this scale are all made by him. Ranges from ♪1 ~ ♪15
◎ = Scratch scale. All the songs here are filled with heavy scratching.
● = PMS (9k) scale. Ranges from ●1 ~ ●17
δ = DP (14k) normal scale. Ranges from δ1 ~ δ12.


If you want to play any of these songs, type the difficulty name (ex. ●7, ◆16… etc) and search it in the main website using the TAGS function.
Only the first 3 on the list are the most used scales.
Remember in the LR2 navigation part -> “2nd is the list of all the INSANE difficulty charts.”
That’s the ★ scale. If you click that link, all the ★ scale songs will show up.

Insane Scale Songs

In LR2 Ranking Page, all the songs have a ☆/★ level set. They do not necessarily correspond to their ☆/★ levels. You can think of it as the universal level system of the songs.

You can find the page shown on the image here:

This lists all the songs in the site with ★ level set. Simply click on the SP number above to browse the songs in said level. Note that this is NOT an easy level 1 song. ★ levels are the equivalent the Insane scale already. If you want to find easier songs, you’ll have to go for Normal Scales.

For example, the 約束 -HappyHyperStarmiX- (虎の穴) song page has this in it’s level:

☆11 / ★1. See that while this is a ★1 Song, this is not really a beginner song (☆1).

There are also some songs with it’s level tagged a bit differently, which doesn’t really make sense.

As seen here, this song is set at ☆37 / ★4. You can also see the tags that it contains , which means “Dish”, or “Scratch” in LR2’s case. This isn’t really as easy as other ★3 songs due to it’s pattern having a lot of scratches.

With that in mind, I think Scales are a better indication of a chart’s level.

Edited by Jin