Lunatic Rave 2 – Website Navigation

written by Hazelnut


This is the main LR2 website. It’s in Japanese.
At the top is where you log in. Left side is your ID NUMBER. You get a number after you create a profile. That’s what you enter here NOT the ID you entered in the beginning of the tutorial. Right is the password.
You’re probably already logged in the first time you visit that site. (Assuming you already set lunatic Rave 2 up from the previous parts.)


Here you have 6 different links.


Going from left:
1st is your profile page.
2nd is the list of all the Insane difficulty charts (you don’t need this if you are a beginner player).
3rd is the list of all the most played songs on LR2 Internet Rankings.
4th is list of Dan courses (more on that later).
5th is advanced search.
6th is a list of Japanese sentences with dates(?) on them. You can read them if you can read Japanese :)


Here’s the search bar for finding song pages.
Going from left:
1st is when you want to search by keywords of the song.
2nd is searching songs by tags.
3rd is finding player pages.
4th is finding courses (you mainly use this to play Dan courses.)


That’s pretty much everything for the main page. Now let’s go to your profile page :D
Here’s what it looks like for mine.
Going from top:
- Clicking on that blue link will let you see how others see your profile.
- In the top box, that’s where you can change your nickname. *BUT REMEMBER, CHANGING YOUR NAME DOES NOT MEAN YOU’RE CHANGING YOUR LR2 ID* My display name is Lucie‚ô™ but my ID is still Hazelnut because that’s the name I started with.
- Number beside the LR2ID is your profile number. That is a very important number because you need that to restore your account or to login to this site. This number will never change so I highly suggest you remember this number.
- The big box is your introduction. Put something like “Hi! I play LR2. Nice to meet you~” or whatever you want.
- Next is your homepage. People usually put their Twitter or YouTube links.
- The top number is the number of songs you played and the bottom number is how many times you played overall.
- Next is the list of rivals. Basically you can rival people you like. Top is the list of all the players who you rivaled and bottom list is all the people who rivaled you. To rival a person, go to their profile page and click the grey box that looks like this Rivaling gives you access to your rival’s scores and it tells you if you won or lost on songs you both played. Use it if you want some rivalry.
- Bottom is the privacy level of your profile. Mine’s always open but if you want your scores to be private, check the most-bottom option.


- The top list of songs is the songs you played the most. My most played song is G e n g a o z o _ G O D. I have a HARD CLEAR with a 44 playcount with a ranking of 209th out of 2177 people.
- The bottom list of songs is the songs you recently played. My most recently played song is Gorillaful Beat (^^).
If you want to see all the songs in the list, click the blue link below each lists.


- This is the BBS of your profile. People can comment on your profile.
- You can delete your comments. Just click the blue text beside your comment. You can delete your comments on other people’s profiles but you can’t delete other people’s comments on your profile lol.
That’s the basics on how to navigate the website.


Edited by Jin