Lunatic Rave 2 – Songs and Download Links

How to download songs in LR2

In LR2, finding songs is a hard task. Most of the time you’d be redirected to a dead link, 503’d, or the song just doesn’t have any download link at all. I’m not kidding if i tell you that you’ll be spending more time finding a specific chart than playing it. Even if you find a link, with the main language of those sites being in Japanese, you would be thinking whether you it lead you to the right link or not.

Luckily there are places where you can find song packs or individual songs you can download. They are still quite hard to find, but once you find those links, it would be the equivalent of a gold mine.

Main LR2 Ranking Page

This is the ranking page of LR2:

The image above is what the link should look like, but we will only be focusing on the search bar on that page.

There are 4 options that you can choose from.

First: Keyword Search – This will search for song titles.
Second: Tag Search – This will search for the tags of the song. Note that the first option will not search in the tags, same for the other way around.
Third: Player Search – Searches for the player.
Fourth: Course Search – This searches for courses. More info about courses soon!

We will mostly be using the first and second option for searching songs.

If you want to search specific songs, go ahead and type the title of the song and search using the first option. If you have an artist in mind, try your luck and use the second option to search. Most songs have the artist tagged in, but reliable tags are the Scale diffs. More info about scales soon!

For this post, I will be searching for nothing, which will return to me all list of songs available. I simple click for the “Search” button right beside the textbox.

The image below shows what appeared on my screen as of July 5 2014.

This might as well be useless information for you. The search always defaults to “New song first”, and most of the time they won’t have any link to them. Let’s fix that by changing the search option.

The highlighted option is the most reliable option. This option sorts the list to “Highest play count first”. This is reliable because songs that have a high play count means that it is accessible to a lot of players, and being accessible means being able to download the song.

After changing the option, the page should automatically reload. The image below shows what appeared on my screen as of July 5 2014 (again).

In my post about setting up LR2, I have already downloaded STAR OF ANDROMEDA. So for this post, I will be downloading Imperishable Night 2006 -SP ANOTHER-.Simply click the link and it will direct you to the song page, which should look like on the image below.

Most of the downloadable songs have a video of the diff below. The song I’ve chosen also has a youtube video as of July 5 2014, so you can first check it out before downloading the song.

There are two specific info that you should be looking at. 本体URL (The first URL) and 差分URL (Second URL). The first link is where you can download the “Base” files for the song, and the second URL is for the song difficulty files (called sabun).

Since you do not have the files of this song yet, We’ll go press the link on the first URL box (tsubu.ath), which will lead us to this page:

It turned out to be a place where you can download songs! For this guide, simply scroll down below to find the BMS download section and search for Imperishable Night 2006 (Or just use the search function).

Click on the link and a file should start downloading (as of July 5 2014, imp_bga_mq.rar). After downloading, extract it to a folder and run LR2. If you followed the previous guide, you should extract it to your NewSong folder. If you plan to extract it to another folder, you will have to add the directory again in JUKEBOX1.

Note that you can change the name of the folders if you want to. This will make it more organized. You can rename the folder to Imperishable Night 2006 if you want.

Now that we have the base files, we can now download the diff file for the song. Our aim is to download the -SP ANOTHER- diff. Click the link on the second URL box (

Sadly, it led me to an unknown page. Most of the time it will be like this, as they often lead to the main page of the site. If you don’t know how to read Japanese, you’ll have to click around random links and hope for the best.

For this site, click on the 2nd link on the left panel. It should load a page with a list of songs. Simply search for “Imperishable Night” and click on the up####.rar on the left side. The place does not seem to have the -SP ANOTHER- diff, but we can download other diffs for it.

In this post, I downloaded, which hopefully uses the same base files as the one we previously downloaded. After downloading, extract it on the same folder as your Imperishable Night 2006.

Now when you load LR2, it should automatically load the song. If it is still not on the list, press F8 if you are on Manual Reload.

Now you have a new song to play! It is extremely hard to search for songs, as it mostly relies on luck. Good thing is there are places where you can download Song Packs!

Song Packs

There are multiple places where you can download Song Packs. One useful song pack is the Genoside pack.
There are two things you should download here, the Starter Package which is 2.5GB and the Append Package.
The Starter Package contains a good amount of songs for your LR2. Download the file and install it on a folder. This will extract all the files in the chosen directory.
The Append Package does not contain songs, but rather Song Difficulties (or sabun) that you can append to the starter package. The Append Package is already arranged, so all you have to do is extract the folders in the same location as your Genoside pack. The sabun should be placed in their respective folders.

(Careful! This is all the sp sabuns uploaded)

NOTE: If you see an HTML 503 error, you will have to browse that site with a proxy to access is where you can find sabuns for songs. Most of the time, when you check the URL for the sabun of a song, you’ll find that they are linked to (such as image below).
In, almost all sabun files are labaled as “up####”. For example in this image, on the comment section, it says “LN up601″. We can assume that this file is the sabun for this diff [USC LN]. In the sabun link, the file is labeled as “up0601″.
The downloaded file will be a zip containing the .bme of said diff, and you will have to extract this to the folder that contains the base files. Because of this, it is a good idea to name all your folders into something you can recognize.
You can find a lot of sabuns placed in, but the main problem with that link is that it is blocked from a bunch of countries, resulting in HTML 503 error. One of the ways to bypass this is through proxy browsing.


 The BMS Of Fighters (BOF)

BOF is a famous global BMS competition where people submit high quality BMS songs. These torrents have all the songs submitted.
This site has all the not-as-popular BMS events


BOF 2009


BOF 2010


BOF 2011


BOF 2012


BOF 2013

Other Download Links

Other than the LR2 Ranking Page and the Genoside pack website, there are other places where you can download songs such as Skydrives, mediafire, and etc. They could be found in the URL links of the song pages in the Ranking Page site. I will be listing them all down here. They will either contain the base files of the song, or just the sabuns. Note: This link contains Overjoy songs, which are very hard to play.


This guide is written by Entozer
Edited by  Hazelnut and Jin