Lunatic Rave 2 – How to set-up Lunatic Rave 2

Basic Installation

Downloading LR2
Go to this link: and scroll down until you see the section as shown in the image below.
Click the very first link (The one that says “beta2 100201″) to begin the download. After downloading, extract the files to any location.
Before setting up LR2, first we will need some songs.
For starters, you can download a few songs here:
After downloading the song, create a folder in the LR2 folder and you can name the folder anything you want, for now we have it named “NewSong”. Inside the NewSong folder, extract the files. The folder should now contain a folder of the song you just downloaded.

Setting Up LR2(Lunatic Rave 2)

The LR2 folder should contain these files.


After you have downloaded the Lunatic Rave 2 application, unzip it and you should have a folder named LR2beta3. After unziping and opening the folder LR2beta3, look for a .exe extension file named “LR2.exe.”
There’s gonna be gibberish text all over when you first start it up so just ignore it and click OK.
You should get something like this.


First Box “ID”: In the ID part, type in your desired ID. (Remember this ID because you will need this when you have to restore your account because you had to delete your LR2 and re-install the game because of whatever reason.)
Second Box “Password”: Password is self-explanatory. (Please Don’t forget it.)
For the last one, just un-check the box because that’s how you would restore your account, unless you are restoring an Lunatic Rave 2 account you will not need to check it for now.
Keeping pressing OK to gibberish text.


After all that, you should have something like this. Mine’s a Korean computer so gibberish text shows up as gibberish Korean to me.
To fix this, Click Language at the top and change it to English.

Make sure to check all these boxes if you want Internet Ranking enabled.

LR2IR my page directs you to your profile page and in order to view your page you will need to have at least one song cleared or failed in order to have a profile page. We’ll take care of that later. LR2IR top page takes you to the main website. I’ll show you how to navigate through the LR2IR main page later.
For adding music and dan courses, you will have to switch to Jukebox1 tab. Simply drag or “Add” the folders into this tab that has all your BMS songs.
This is mine as an example. If you want to delete a folder, right click it and click the second bottom one that starts with データベース. Rest you don’t really need to know.
For Jukebox 2 tab, you have all the custom folders you can make in-game for easier navigation.
My advice is if you like to play easy, unofficial BMS songs, have LEVEL FOLDER checked and if you are an advanced player coming from other rhythm games, check the ?狂BMS FOLDER. You can check both too. Then, change the Max result to 0.
For OPTION, SELECT, and SYSTEM tab, you don’t really need to change anything. Here’s mine.
You can do what I did but you can just leave everything the way it is. Doesn’t matter too much.

Configuring LR2 (Lunatic Rave 2)

Now you can start the game!
If you click play and wait, you’ll see
LR2 beta3 version 100201
After all that you should have something like this:
(color on things might be different because I edited my default skin slightly)
To exit the game, simply press ESC in the main song selection screen.
This is the default interface. Remember the folder that we just added in the JUKEBOX1? LR2 loads it up and organizes the songs the same way you organized them in the folder.
Use the directional keys (up, left, right, down arrow keys) to navigate.
Pressing Enter will navigate you inside the selected folder.
Inside the folder you have created, you should see the song that you have just downloaded, and all the difficulties included in it.

Key Configuration

At the bottom of the screen, you will see this panel.



Click the SYSTEM OPTION and a window (same as image below) should appear.

Click the KEY CONFIG found at the bottom of the window. This will move you to the Key Config screen.


*If you want the table on the right, edit the right side. If you want it on left, edit the left side.*


Press F2 to remove the default key configuration and start setting keys to each of the buttons. (make sure not to map 2 buttons with same key) Don’t forget to set the keys for start and select ones to. They are the 2 little circles. Editing one side is fine. To go back a screen, press ESC or right button of your mouse. (Don’t worry, pressing ESC only in the main screen exits the game!)


Click system again and set replay to always. If you play any song, you get a replay file for that song so you can use it to record your plays after you played a song. (But you can only save 1 replay files per song….. so if you play it again, that will replace the old replay file) You have options of setting the replay to clear where the game only saves cleared plays. Full Combo if you full combo-ed the song or high score if you beat your score… etc
That’s pretty much everything you need to know for a basic LR2 setup!


This guide is written by Entozer and Hazelnut
Edited by Jin