Lunatic Rave 2 – What is Lunatic Rave 2 (LR2)?

written By Entozer


Lunatic Rave 2, or LR2 for short, is a Beatmania (BMS) simulator.

LR2 is another VSRG (Vertical Scrolling Rhythm Game). As usual, you have the notes falling down (or up) on the playfield, with the game judging your hit accuracy. If you are familiar with the Beatmania IIDX games, LR2 is pretty much the same as it.

As with all VSRGs, every note falling down corresponds to a sound that makes the music. In LR2, almost all songs are keysounded, which means that every note corresponds to a sound. Compared to O2Jam where most songs are not key-sounded, LR2 provides a much more immersive gameplay, in a sense that what you hit is what you hear.

LR2 allows you to create an account where your progress is kept. It also allows you to set people as Rivals and you can compete against their score. More on this will be explained on a post about LR2 Guide, which I will make soon.

LR2 is mostly a 7k+1 game instead of 8k. The difference is that in 7+1, there are 7 main columns where the notes fall down and 1 special column which is usually reserved for certain beats or sound. You can think of 7k+1 as the regular 7k gameplay with the occasional +1 column sneaking in every now and then.

In 8k, there are 8 main columns so regular gameplay would mean that all 8 columns would be used as evenly as possible.

LR2 Default Interface

The image above is an example of the default playfield in LR2.

In the playfield, there are 8 columns where the notes can fall down. You have the Judgement placed on the playfield with the combo meter placed beside it, and the HP gauge (along with the Score) at the bottom of the playfield.

Most LR2 players are pretty adept in non-LN (Long Notes) patterns, but most of them lack LN skills. Compared to O2Jam, LR2’s note style are not concentrated on LN. Also, because of the game’s hard Judgement, most LR2 players are highly accurate players.

Although there are a handful of LN songs in LR2, it is not as mature as O2Jam’s LN. The same could be say the other way around. Although O2Jam has a handful of non-LN songs, they are not as mature as LR2.

One of the problem in LR2 is… it crashes a lot. After at least 5 songs, your LR2 would get buggy and you would have to restart the client. Luckily, crashes don’t happen often after 5 songs. Most of the time you would be able to play 20 to 30 sounds before crashing, and that’s already a lot so don’t let it scare you.

If you are an avid Rhythm Games / VSRG Player, I definitely recommend you to try this out.

Here is a video of Entozer playing LR2 with a skinned (customized) interface.

Edited by Jin