O2Jam Skill Rings Guide

written by Entozer


Skill Rings allow players to change the way they play a song. They allow players to rearrange the patterns using Arrangement Skill Rings, or limit their view (for impressing people) using Visibility Skill Rings.

To start, there are 6 different skill rings in O2Jam. 3 of them affects Arrangement, and the other 3 affects Visibility.

Listed below are the different type of rings, and their corresponding picture / effect.

Note: There are two different sets you can buy in O2Jam, the lower stack (10pcs) and the higher stack(50pcs), so there will be two pictures of a ring.


An Arrangement Skill Ring only changes the columns of the notechart, and not your keybindings. Arrangement types are the most used Skill Ring, and the most used Arrangement Skill Ring (and the most used among all Skill Rings) is Random Ring.
1) Mirror Ring
- This mirrors the arrangement of the notes. In other words, the leftmost column will become the rightmost column, and vice versa.
Left: Original (Without Skill Ring)
Right: With Mirror Ring
2) Random Ring
- This randomizes the all the columns once for the whole song. For example: Column 1 might get switched to Column 3, and Column 2 to Column 5, and the rest stays the same.
Left: Original (Without Skill Ring)
Right: With Random Ring
3) Panic Ring
- This is basically the same as Random Ring, except that instead of randomizing the columns once, it randomizes them for every measure. (Each measure is divided in O2Jam by a white marker falling down along the notes in the playfield.)
There is a special case that the notes won’t get re-randomized when using Panic Ring. That is when there is a long note just before the the song goes to the next measure. The re-randomizing does not happen because it has to keep the long note on the same column as it was before.
I presented two pictures to show the effect of Panic Ring. Let’s say the first image is the first measure, and the second image is the second measure.
Left: Original (Without Skill Ring) 1st measure
Right: With Panic Ring 1st measure


Left: Original (Without Skill Ring) 2nd measure
Right: With Panic Ring 2nd measure
Note: I only inverted the image on the right to make it easier for me. Rearrangement may vary, but it is possible for the next random to be a mirror of the previous random, as long as the original note are the same.


A Visibility Skill Ring does not change the content (patterns) of the notechart, but directly applies the effect on the playfield. These are rarely used. The least used visibility Skill Ring (and the least used among all Skill Ring) is Dark Ring.
Visibility Skill Rings are known to bug if you do not have 3D Effect set to enabled on O2Jam Settings.
1) Hidden Ring
- This will hide the lower half of the playfield.


Left: Original (Without Skill Ring)
Right: With Hidden Ring
2) Sudden Ring
- This will hide the upper half of the play field. Think of it as an inverted Hidden Ring.


Left: Original (Without Skill Ring)
Right: With Sudden Ring
3) Dark Ring
- This is a very hard Visibility Skill Ring. This will hide the upper AND lower playfield, revealing only a small portion in the middle of the playfield.


Left: Original (Without Skill Ring)
Right: With Dark Ring
That’s it!
Those are the different kind of Skill Rings in O2Jam. Go try them all out, and spice up your jamming!
Note: You can use an Arrangement Skill Ring along with a Visibility Skill Ring, but never both of the same category.
Edited by Jin