Welcome to our Lunatic Rave 2 Database


I would like to welcome you to our Lunatic Rave 2 Database. We have prepared everything you need to know or gather in order to properly play Lunatic Rave 2. Enjoy your stay and here is the sections of our Database. If you have any further questions please feel free to visit our forums.

Basic Guides

In this section we talk about the basic necessities for Lunatic Rave 2. What you need to know in order to properly engage and play Lunatic Rave 2.

Songs Database

This section is designed to help you properly find, and download download songs. Also properly understand what clear status for songs mean and what is a “song level.”

Ranking and Progression Systems

One of the most important sections for the game and one of the most frequently asked questions about any VSRG. Improvement, progression and ranking. In this section we try to cover every aspect of what Lunatic Rave 2 and its fan-base offers.