Lunatic Rave 2 – Basic Guides

Welcome to our Lunatic Rave 2 Database, here you can view our selection of basic minimum requirement(s) to be able to properly play Lunatic Rave 2 or as the majority calls it BMS.

What is Lunatic Rave 2?

In this section you will be able to explore what Lunatic Rave 2 really is. There really isn’t much to say here, it will explain what Lunatic Rave 2 is and why should it matter to you.

Lunatic Rave 2 Website Navigation Help

Pretty much self-explanatory here. This guide will help you through navigating the Lunatic Rave 2 website and how to use it properly or efficiently enough.

How to set-up Lunatic Rave 2(LR2)

This guide will help you set up Lunatic Rave 2 in a proper fashion where you wont have to worry about it. Until it crashes and burns(Will have more on this later.)

Lunatic Rave 2 Skins

One of the most commonly asked questions is where do i find “this” skin. Well we are here to answer that question with the best of our abilities. In this section we have links to publicly downloadable skins.
(Note: This isn’t a guide to creating a Lunatic Rave 2 skin, we will have more on this issue later.)

Lunatic Rave 2 Gameplay guide

How to properly play Lunatic Rave 2 basically and yes there is somewhat of a proper way to play this game. You just hit the keys at the right time and stuff.