Lunatic Rave 2 – Stairway

written by Hazelnut


One of the main reasons why I love to play LR2 (Lunatic Rave2) is because of the Stairway. It’s very useful in keeping track of your scores from each of the tables listed in the LEVEL SYSTEM part.


This is the main Stairway website:


As of 07/28/2014, there are 8 Stairways. (NOTE: LN Overjoy scale got emerged with regular LN scale since January 19th)


There are:
★Insane, ★★Overjoy ◆LongNote ☆Normal ▽Normal No2, ▼Insane No2, ●PMS, and ♪mn.
All the stairway links to each scale are on that site except ♪mn (It’s a secret scale)


To get a stairway profile, it’s very simple. Do what each scale tells you to do.
Insane: Must have 125 songs or more cleared or failed.
★★Overjoy: Must have 1 song cleared. Failing doesn’t count.
LongNote: Must have 30 songs or more cleared or failed.
Normal: Must have 50 songs or more cleared or failed.
Normal No2: Must have 100 songs or more cleared or failed.
Insane No2: Must have 50 songs or more cleared or failed.
PMS: Must have 50 songs or more cleared or failed
mn: Secret


Once you complete your stairway mission, go to the main stairway website of the scale and click PlayerList. Then click 全てのプレイ
This one if you’re confused
Then, you get a massive list of players who also have the stairway. The colors represent the dan courses. Remember in PART 6 when I told you PMS, LN dan courses are somewhat “official”? It’s because the these courses don’t register on LR2 website but they register on the stairway site. The colors represent their dan level. White are players who haven’t passed any dan courses. Green are players between 1st ~ 4th dan. Turqoise are players between 5th ~ 8th dan. Red are players who are either 9th or 10th dan. Shining blues are kaiden players and flaming reds are overjoys…


Note that grading might be different for some scale. To check, click on Grades and look for this

Grade section also lists all the players from the highest dan to lowest. Orders in each dans are determined by their scores on the dan course.
People passing dan courses with higher score are higher on the list.


Find your name by F3 and click on it :)
Example stairway page looks like this:
If you look at the mini table below your name, there’s a table with how many of each clear statuses you have on that scale.There are two lists of players below with each having a percantage beside their name. First one is how much you both share the similar rankings. Second list is how much you both share the SAME clear statuses.


For example, I share lots of clear statuses with these people.
If you scroll down, you see the list of all the songs and you will notice they are all colored. The color represents your clear status. White is when you haven’t played them. Grey for fail, green for easy clears, purple for clears, red for hard clears, orange-ish yellow for fullcombo, and pink for P-ATTACK.


The reason why stairways are useful is because you can look at all the songs in that scale in one page without having to find each songs individually. For exmaple, if you want to hard clear let’s say all ◆12s, instead of searching ◆12 in the search bar and clicking every single song to see what clear status you have, you can just go to the stairway and see the list of ◆12s you haven’t played or cleared yet.


One issue with using a stairway is that the scores are updated once every week (usually Sunday). So if you cleared a song, you’ll have to wait until Sunday for your stairway to be updated. You can find the exact update time in the information tab for each scales.
However, there is a way around this using a program called GLAssist… more on that in the future.


Edited by Jin